Why we do what we do...

Chiropractors recognise that you are self developing, self maintaining and self healing. You work better without interference to the systems that facilitate development, maintenance and healing. The main causes of interference are physical trauma, environmental toxins and emotional stress. It is the Chiropractor’s intention to address these interferences and allow you to express your innate potential.

Your nervous system is your master control system. It is the beginning and end point of everything you perceive, do, feel and think. It delivers every bit of information you need from the sensors in your body up to your brain and then returns the appropriate instructions to your body again. This constant communication network is the feedback loop of life itself. Chiropractors are dedicated to removing any interference to that vital feedback.  

Your nervous system is protected by your spine which should be mobile to allow free passage for the main nerve trunks that pass from your spinal cord between each vertebrae to the rest of your body. 

You stress your spine on a daily basis, which over time can lead to specific areas of dysfunction in your spinal joints and muscles (Chiropractors call these areas Subluxations). This lack of normal function can lead to confused or unclear information feedback from this area to your brain. The messages that return to the joints from the brain are then not as accurate as they could be which means that you may not function or perform as well as you should. For an athlete this can mean a definite drop in performance or an increased likelihood of injury. For the rest of us it means the same thing but we may not notice the deficit as quickly. The first sign we may become aware of is pain or an unexpected injury.

Chiropractors believe that if you restore the natural function of the spine your nervous system will work with less interference and you can heal and perform in the best possible way. You will then be closer to the best you can be. 

Natural Building Blocks - each Adjustment builds on the Last

How we do what we do…

Chiropractors use our hands to stimulate natural movement in areas of the spine that are not functioning as they should. We call these impulses ‘adjustments’ as they adjust the way that the brain and body communicate in response. With an adjustment we hope to progressively restore normal communication and function in the affected area. This can lead to less injury, better performance and less discomfort if you have already have pain. An adjustment is a bit like pressing the ‘reset button’ in a specific joint or area of your body.

'What enhances performance, prevents injury.' Laird Hamilton



What is it that we do…

A Chiropractor will assess your posture, muscle power, balance and movement. We focus on the ability of your brain and body to communicate clearly with each other, which depends largely on your nervous system function. We use various neurological, orthopaedic and Chiropractic tests as well as our hands to feel for any areas that may not be moving or functioning as well as they could. 

A Chiropractor adjusts the vertebrae of the spine to stimulate perfect tone.

A Chiropractor adjusts the vertebrae of the spine to stimulate perfect tone.

With regard to the spine, we like to think of ourselves as a bit like an expert piano tuner. We look down the spine and feel for any stiff keys or duff notes (we call these areas of dysfunction Subluxations). We use Chiropractic Adjustments to get those stiff keys to play again so that you can perform at your best.

Who can benefit from Chiropractic Care?

Potentially we can all benefit from Chiropractic care but on your first visit Simon will determine whether he can help you or whether you would be better served by your GP, Physiotherapist or other specialist. 

Chiropractors attempt to reduce the stress on your system to better allow your innate expression of health and balance. Whatever your age or state of health, whether you have symptoms or not you can still benefit from a visit to the Chiropractor. The more stressors you remove the more health you will express and the better able you are to heal and be your best. 

Simon believes that there needs to be a cultural paradigm shift from the current 'bias of downstream focus' on disease treatment to focus on what promotes health and vitality. Health and 'dis-ease' are on a continuum; the more you have of one the less you will have of the other. 

You're never too young, too old, too well or too sore to get checked.

You're never too young, too old, too well or too sore to get checked.

Simon has experience in helping professional athletes, musicians, babies, Dr’s, nonagenarians… most of all Simon loves the opportunity to help anyone and everyone.