Why do we play (sport, games, music), create, make love, make war, meditate…? Can you remember what it was like to be a child, when you didn’t want that day to end and couldn’t wait for the next to begin?

These activities and childhood require focus or absolute consciousness. True consciousness is being, ‘in the moment’ or ‘mindful’ or ‘in love’ with something; it is as alive as you can ever be. It makes our hearts beat as just for a moment, we forget our sub conscious notions of past and future. Life is but a succession of moments, your moments. Your past has already gone and your future is unknown. Each moment can only be truly ‘lived’ in consciousness.

Don’t let anyone or anything distract you. The more conscious and present tense you are the happier and more fulfilled you will be. This life is your life and you can’t live it for anyone else. Other peoples’, learned or sub conscious notions of what you ‘should’ do are theirs alone. Every day is yours, be open to really living your life.

What is love but true consciousness…

— ChiropractorFIN