'Health is the soul that animates all the enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless without it.' -Seneca

Health is a continuum 

Health is a continuum 

Thomas Fuller said, 'Health is not valued till sickness comes'. One of the unfortunate things about western society is that we have been led to believe that we can take our health for granted as if it will be taken care of, that we don't need to consider it.  

In our culture we are allowed to assume that as long as we don't feel pain we are healthy. When we 'get' symptoms we seek treatment for those symptoms. The problem is that the common examples of a lack of health in western society are those that present with no symptoms until it is often too late (cancer and cardio-vascular complaints). Most often (95% +) we don't 'get' a disease we have to earn it. 

Our assumptions of what is normal health deny us the inclination to discover what real health is: the right hand side of the diagram above. Very few of us realise our true health and potential; the more of us who do, the less illness we will have. 

We have been led to believe that if you 'get' an illness you can 'get' a remedy that will rid you of your problem. If we earn our lack of health by not making continual investments in our health then no amount of remedies or potions will make us healthy unless we change what we do, just as no amount of money will 'cure' a gambling addiction. True health has to come from inside to out, not from outside to in. 

In order to be well we need to have good practice; only regular investments create wealth however no amount of money can buy you your health. Regular investments create riches and prevent poverty and regular investments in your health create vibrant health and prevent dysfunction and sickness.

Chiropractic care is a regular investment in you that can create abundant natural health which can prevent dysfunction, injury and illness.

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