Link between your Gut, your Vagus nerve and the incidence of Parkinson's Disease

The marvellous Vagus Nerve 

The marvellous Vagus Nerve 

There was an interesting Danish study recently published that suggested a significant association between gut function and the incidence of Parkinson's Disease. The study found that those people who had had their vagus nerve severed in the past had a significantly lower incidence of developing the disease. 

This may suggest a possible link between gut health and resultant pathological effects on the brain. Further evidence that you should consider the health of your gut and indeed the type of bacteria that lives within it (your 'microbiome') as of the utmost importance to your general health and longevity. 


Vegetarian Diet?

the evidence that vegetarian and vegan diets almost always cause a multitude of nutritional deficiencies is overwhelmingly conclusive.

During the course of a lifetime, vegetarian diets will not reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases and will not allow you to live longer. Rather, this abnormal way of eating will predispose you to a host of health problems and illnesses. Vegetarianism is an unnatural way of eating that has no evolutionary precedent in our species.

— Loren Cordain Ph.D. - The Paleo Answer

the greatest force in the human body is the natural drive of the body to heal itself, but that force is not independent of the belief system, which can translate expectations into physiologic change. Nothing is more wondrous than the fifteen billion neurons in the human brain than their ability to convert thoughts, hopes, ideas and attitudes into chemical substances. Everything begins therefore, with belief. What we believe is the most powerful option of all.
— Norman Cousins 1979 - Anatomy of an Illness

D.D. Palmer emphasized the importance of “tone” in the dynamics of health and disease. “Life is an expression of tone. Tone is the normal degree of nerve tension. Tone is expressed in function by normal elasticity, strength, and excitability…the cause of disease is any variation in tone.” [3] B.J. Palmer acknowledged the role of muscular function in maintaining life. “Life is motion; motion is life. The absence of motion is death…in human beings, motion is produced by muscles…that which moves muscles is nerve force. ” [4]
— DD Palmer, BJ Palmer